Cyber Security Training

Cyber Security Consultancy Solutions and Information Security Trainings for Institutions

Cyber Security and Information Security Trainings

We offer special training services to institutions with our expert staff in the field of cyber security. In the age of technology, where digital transformation affects our lives, cyber threats can come through the digital world and influence our entire lives. As Privia Security, we offer special cyber security solutions and information security trainings to institutios against this threat that affects countries, institutions and even people.

Cyber Security Trainings

Beyaz Şapkalı Hacker Pentest Eğitimi

White Hat
Hacker Training

White hat hacker is a well-intentioned cyber security expert who has learned the techniques, skills, experience and…

Web Uygulama Güvenliği Eğitimi

Web Application
Security Training

Web applications security training is an applied training that is performed specifically for your web assets in today…

Modern Kriptoloji Eğitimi

Cryptology Training

Modern Cryptology Training is a special training that introduces cyber security professionals and anyone interested…

Sosyal Mühendislik ve Farkındalık Eğitimi

Social Engineering Awareness Training

In social engineering attacks, mistakes in human behavior are defined as vulnerabilities. Methods of hacking…

İleri Seviye MSSQL Güvenliği Eğitimi

Advanced MSSQL

It is a special training in which advanced infiltration techniques towards MSSQL databases are explained practically…

Sızma Testi (Penetration Test) Eğitimi

Test Training

Penetration Test Training, which is carried out practically, enables participants to understand the penetration test…

Merkezi Güvenlik İzleme ve Olay Yönetimi

Central Monitoring Incident

Information systems and network components within the institution produce a large activity record. As these activity…

Saldırı Tespit ve Kayıt Yönetimi Eğitimi

Attack Detection Management

Detection of cyber attacks and record management is an important security infrastructure that has become…

Siber Saldırı Teknikleri Eğitimi

Cyber Attack
Techniques Training

Cyber attack techniques training aims to be aware of the cyber threats that may be encountered in the field of cyber…

Linux 101 (LPI-1) Eğitimi

Linux 101 LPI

Linux 101 LPI Training is a system administrator training that covers beginner-level topics for Linux system…

IIS Güvenliği ve IIS Güvenli Sıkılaştırma Eğitimi

IIS Security and Secure Tightening

IIS web server provides the infrastructure and frontend of your website using authentication options and web…

Kali Linux 101 Eğitimi

Kali Linux 101

Kali Linux is a Debian-based Linux distribution developed to perform penetration tests, used by cyber security…

Kablosuz Ağ Güvenliği ve Sızma Testleri Eğitimi

Wireless Network
Security Training

In recent years, with the increase of wireless networks and the evolution of our cyber life to mobile devices, cyber attacks toward…

DDOS Saldırıları ve Korunma Yöntemleri Eğitimi

DDOS Attacks
Protection Training

DoS or DDoS attacks are among the primary critical cyber attacks carried out toward the corporate network. DoS or DDoS attacks…

İleri Seviye Web Uygulama Sızma Testleri Eğitimi

Advanced Web Penetration

Web Application Penetration Tests have become one of the most important and fundamental issues in the cyber security of corporate…

Bilgi Güvenliği Farkındalık Eğitimi

Information Security Awareness

We are living in an age of technology where information is much more valuable and vital. In this age where digital…

Yöneticilere Özel Bilgi Güvenliği Farkındalık Eğitimi

Special Awareness for Managers

When data leakages and cyber attacks in recent years are examined, we see that the management staff are frequently…

İleri Seviye Web Uygulama Sızma Testleri Eğitimi


In information security trainings, you can get a price offer by contacting our expert team for your institution-specific content…

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