PriviaHub Cyber Range Platform

Cyber Security Consultancy Solutions and Information Security Trainings for Institutions

PriviaHub Cyber Range Platform

Your Opening Door to the Cyber World

PriviaHub is an online Cyber Security Training, Simulation and Exercise (Cyber Range) Platform that we have implemented with our expert engineers and domestic capital in order to increase the knowledge level of everyone interested in cyber security and enable them to make practical applications.

Providing a practice environment where anyone interested in cyber security from beginner to senior expertise level can improve themselves, PriviaHub has scenarios created from systems with up-to-date infrastructure and network architecture encountered in the real world.

PriviaHub Cyber Range Platform

Cyber Security Training, Simulation and Exercise Platform



Cyber Army

Education can be used in all education and training institutions that train cyber security experts. In this way, it will become a cyber security training and exercise center.

Enterprise supports all modules and features. You can have unlimited users or take advantage of all the features.

Cyber Army is a special version that provides support for the raising and development of cyber armies.

PriviaHub Features

Due to the systems with current vulnerabilities we offer, it allows individuals and corporate employees to gain experience by performing practical applications. Users are expected to exploit the vulnerabilities in machines that contain vulnerabilities, access the flags placed on the machines and proceed by entering them to the specified area on the platform. The machines on the platform are developed by our special team who are experts in their field.

PriviaHub Demo Request

By contacting our experts, you can request a free demo for PriviaHub product specific to your organization and get a price offer.