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Cyber Range Platform

PriviaHub is a Cyber Security Training, Simulation and Exercise (Cyber Range) Platform, which was created to enable everyone working in private companies, public institutions and organizations or interested in cyber security to increase their knowledge and make practical applications.

PriviaHub Cyber Range Platform
VulnSight Pasif Zafiyet Tarama

Passive Vulnerability Scanner

VulnSight passive vulnerability scanner works in integration with inventory software in your IT/OT network infrastructure, searches for vulnerabilities in global databases and provides performing quick action. With integrated vulnerability management, VulnSight helps to achieve centralized vulnerability management.

Linux Device Manager

Zargana is a device manager application that provides control of devices attached to USB input ports specific to Linux operating systems (Pardus, Centos, Ubuntu, Debian).

Zargana USB Aygıt Yöneticisi
DaaS Yük Testi Uygulaması

Load Test Application

It is a load test application that automates the performance of your DaaS software, its ability to be tested under a certain load and the software testing process. It allows to simulate application traffic by generating more than one user at the same time.

Cyber Security Solutions

Corporate Information Security Trainings and Cyber Security Consultancy Services


We offer procautions to be taken against cyber attacks against the IT assets of the organization…


This service includes the necessary researches and numerical evidence determinations within…


Red Team, It is a cyber security approach created to identify risks, targeting vulnerabilities, defenseless areas and users.


This penetration testing service performed for OT assets of the institution. In this service, the SCADA assets…