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Cyber Security information security and red team solutions

Cyber Security Solutions

Corporate Information Security Trainings and Cyber Security Consultancy Services

Penetration Tests

We offer procautions to be taken against cyber attacks against the IT assets of the organization, detection of possible threats and reporting solutions.

Cyber Incident

This service includes the necessary researches and numerical evidence determinations within the institution before and after the cyber incident.

Red Team

Red Team, It is a cyber security approach created to identify risks, targeting vulnerabilities, defenseless areas and users..

EKS Scada

This penetration testing service performed for OT assets of the institution. In this service, the SCADA assets of the institution are carefully tested.

Information Security Services

Penetration Test Services

Penetration tests are carried out based on international standards for your IT, OT, IOT and similar assets by offering customized solutions to your needs.

Information Security Trainings

With our senior information security trainings, we offer need-based corporate and individual cyber security training services in order to ensure proactive security.

Continuous Consulting Services

With our expert and senior consultants, we provide institution specific 24/7 consultancy services and cyber security solutions in the field of cyber security.

Pentest, Penetration Test, Information Security, education cyber security solutions

Our Cyber Security R&D Works

In today’s technology world, we offer corporate solutions for increasing needs and risks in order to ensure cyber security. As Privia Security, we carry out R&D activities in order to develop cyber security products and to meet the needs of cyber security products in the sector, and we bring in local cyber security products to our country.


Cyber Range Platform


Passive Vulnerability Scanner


Linux Device Manager


Load Test Platform

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, as Privia Security, we produce special solutions for the needs of institutions in cyber security consultancy and information security trainings and offer online services by providing 24/7 support

In the age of technology, where digital transformation rapidly affects our lives, cyber threats can come through the digital world and affect our entire lives…

As Privia Security, we are always with you with our custom solutions and cyber security services.

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