DaaS Load Test Application

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DaaS Load Test Application

Push The Limits of Application!

It is used to test the maximum number of users who can use web or mobile applications at the same time. It performs a performance test by simulating multiple users accessing at the same time period.

With DaaS, our servers act like a standard client and display user behavior by visiting the application server. It can perform a page visit as well as click the links on the page and report the possible performance results.

The most accurate load test is to simulate real use as opposed to tests using theoretical or analytical modeling. DaaS is designed to behave like a real user on your web application.

DaaS Yük Testi Uygulaması

Load Test Application

The most important benefit of performance tests is to reveal the behavior of the application under the specified conditions and the performance it offers to the visitor. In this way, application developers, network and system experts can measure the maximum capacity and efficiency of the application. In performance tests, bottlenecks can occur at many points from application level to database, network and operating system. DaaS provides feedback by reporting the situation encountered with the bottleneck through the management interface.

DaaS Features

With DaaS, you can test the maximum working capacity of the tested application or software, whether the infrastructure used is sufficient to run the application, and the continuity of the application according to the highest user load. With the DaaS Load Test Application, you can perform scalability tests for the number of concurrent users that an application can support and for more users to reach it.

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