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About Privia Security

Privia Security, which plans to bring a different perspective to security and privacy concepts by acting with the slogan of “Privacy For You” in the field of cyber security, took its place in the sector in 2018 with its experience and expert staff.

Privia Security, acting with the mission of developing solutions for all the needs of institutions in the field of cyber security with its expert and researcher staff in the field, holds the leading cyber security researchers of our country. Privia Security aims to make a difference in the cyber security sector with solutions such as penetration tests for IT and OT assets of organizations, cyber security trainings, red teams and software developed specifically for institutions.

As Privia Security, we continue our work that brings benefits to our customers and the sector in our offices in Istanbul and Ankara as well as in our R&D Center located in Cumhuriyet Teknopark.

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Information Security Solutions

As Privia Security, we produce solutions for the needs of institutions in cyber security consultancy and information security training and provide 24/7 support.

Cyber security is an important issue that concerns millions of users. In the age of technology, where digital transformation increasingly affects our lives more and more, great opportunities arise for cyber threats and threat actors and cyber attacks are increasingly coming up against us. As Privia Security, we offer special solutions for your organization with our engineers and technical team trained at international standards and we are with you 24/7 with our cyber security services.

Cyber Security Solutions

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Information Security

Against cyber threats, as Privia Security, we offer private information security certification trainings to organizations and individuals.

Siber Security

This penetration testing service performed for OT assets of the institution. In this service, the SCADA assets of the institution are carefully tested.

Cyber Security

We carry out cyber security R&D activities and upbring local cyber security products to our country.